Hiking at Marettimo

Marettimo is not only the sea: the mountain lovers could try their strength in excursions through easy or very involving courses, with the opportunity for everyone to take one's choice. The paths are in fact sometimes evident, while other are hard to trace for shortage or lack of signalling, all of which contributes to maintain the characteristic wild and uncontaminated look of the island. Here we show only some of the possible itineraries, pointing out that many others are possible by reaching the departure points by boat.From the Gully Barranco to the bay of Punta Pegna (about 2hs): from the Gully, follow the flat projection and through a secondary gully reach the other projection of about 5 m. You will find some terraces, an isolated needle, a wall of about 10 m. to the left of a little recess and then, to the right, less difficult walls. Go southward as far as the bottom of the Fossone Gatti. Keep climbing and then descend through a little gully to the northern bay of Punta Pegna, where you will find a cave.From Marettimo to Punta Libeccio (1_ h): easy excursion following the south-eastern coast and then ascending to the south-west to get through the ridge of the island.

Monte Falcone (2hs1/2)

Through a mule-track you reach Case Romane, the rests of ancient Roman settlements, where you can take your last water supply. From here go on along a zigzag path on the ridge of the mountain. Climbing on the right, the view widens from the rocks sheer to the sea until Punta Troia, and after a sort of pass (at 570 m.) it will open to the west slope of the island, offering the suggestive view of the dolomitic towers, furrowed by verdant deep valleys fast sloping to the sea. When you get to the summit (686 m.) the view opens 360° over the sea, which on clear days becomes a beautiful palette of colours, and over the islands nearby, which seem to be within reach.

From Fosso Bonagia to the Gully Barranco (about 3hs)

Starting from Fosso Bonagia, you will see a rocky tower in high. Reached the basis, you have to climb from the right to the left a 10 m. wall baring the way. Once arrived at the fork of the gully, go on right, keeping in front of you a great threatening-looking rock. After climbing about thirty metres, go on right , to the south, as far as a hollow which joins Fosso Bonagia to a part of the Gully Barranco, descending into the main gully until about 50 m. from the sea, where the rocky wall is interrupted by a flat projection which allows crossing to the south-west.
From Punta Troia to Punta Bassana (about 7hs): very hard but as suggestive, this itinerary crosses the island from north to south, starting from the landfall a little across the Scalo Maestro (the slipway) of Punta Troia. Here starts the climb along the path (that is also a wild boars' track) in the middle of a thick Mediterranean bush, which in June becomes a splendid garden in bloom. The vegetation sometimes hampers the way and makes the itinerary very fascinating. After reaching the ridge summit, go on left to the Monte Falcone: walking along the ridge you can touch the main summits of the island (Pizzo del Capraro, 627 m.; Punta Campana, 630 m.; Punta del  Semaforo, 500m.), enjoying a really spectacular panorama, always with a sheer sight over a splendid cobalt-blue sea.Going on along the ridge to the south, you will reach Punta Lisandro (482 m.). Descend from here until you meet the way Marettimo-Punta Libeccio and continue along the ridge to arrive at Punta Bassana.

Discover the Island

Volete passare una luna di miele immersi nella natura?

Que Marettimo soit une île d’une beauté inhabituelle on le sait et je n’insisterai pas beaucoup là-dessus.

Immergé dans le bleu, dans son mouvement infini, le Yoga est comme un fil conducteur.

Les cours proposés suivent la méthodologie SSI


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Marettimo est accessible en hydroptère et en ferry depuis le Port de Trapani : nous tenons à souligner que, comme tou

Marettimo culminates with Monte Falcone (686 m.), an uncontaminated mountain in the middle of the sea.
Thanks to the characteristics of flora and fauna Marettimo is the most interesting island of the archipelago of the Egad
Marettimo's economy is essentially based on professional fishing.

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