Sea Natural Preserve

A submerged natural grassland concerning all the islands of the archipelago of the Egadi, the sea natural preserve is divided into four areas (A, B, C, D).

The area A concerns the sea stretch between Cala Bianca and the lighthouse to the south of Punta Libeccio and is Total Preserve. With the authorization of the Comune di Favignana it is possible to do underwater or surface guided visits.
The area B includes the stretch facing the shore between the headland which delimits in the south-west Cala Bianca and Punta Troia, and the stretch between Punta Bassana and the lighthouse to the south of Punta Libeccio. It is General Preserve, where bathing and immersions are permitted. The authorization to sail and stop inside 500 m. from the coast is necessary, while underwater fishing is forbidden.
In the area C, Partial Preserve, bathing and sporting surface fishing are allowed; inside the area D, Protection Preserve, professional fishing is allowed too.

Discover the Island

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Marettimo è raggiungibile per mezzo di aliscafi e traghetti dal porto di Trapani: ci preme rilevare che, come tutte l

Marettimo culminates with Monte Falcone (686 m.), an uncontaminated mountain in the middle of the sea.

Thanks to the characteristics of flora and fauna Marettimo is the most interesting island of the archipelago of the E

Marettimo's economy is essentially based on professional fishing.

The best way to know Marettimo is to make a tour round the island to admire the seaside, the marvellous sea caves and

Marettimo is not only the sea: the mountain lovers could try their strength in excursions through easy or very involv