Marettimo By Sea

The best way to know Marettimo is to make a tour round the island to admire the seaside, the marvellous sea caves and the extraordinary clear back-drops.Starting from the Scalo Vecchio of the village, we suggest to go northwards, where you will meet the Scoglio del Cammello ("Rock of the Camel"), not far from the homonymous cave: clear and transparent sea, with shades of green and sky-blue, and a pebbles small beach where the seal used to rest until last century. A little forward you will meet Cala Manione and soon after Punta Troia, about 100 metres high, on the top of which stands out the homonymous castle.Then you will find the beautiful Grotta della Pipa ("Cave of the Pipe"), narrow on the top and then squared. Going on from Punta Due Frati you could see a beautiful green marble quarry. Crossed Punta Mugnone, famous for the passage of tunnies and "ricciole", you will get to the marvellous Cala Bianca, with the high coast falling sheer to the sandy beach, where you will enjoy a silent and solitary little beach not far from the Grotta delle Sirene ("Cave of Mermaids"). Going on to this side of the island, the rocks fall sheer to the sea which becomes deeper and deeper. In these waters, among the expanses of Posidonia, you can find moray eels, "gronchi", pelamyds, salpas, white breams and other types of fish and, if you are lucky, you could see the dolphins accompany your craft for a stretch. Arrived at the beautiful Grotta Perciata, rich in stalactites, you have to go on to Grotta del Presepio and Grotta della Bombarda ("Cave of the Mortar"), which takes its name from the rumblings you can hear during a storm. In the inside there is a limestone in the shape of the papal mitre.After the lighthouse of Punta Libeccio, next to Secca Cretazzo, the back-drops aren't deeper than 1 m. until about 100 m. from the coast.Following again the high and steep seaside, you will reach Punta Bassana, wherethe back-drops fall in depth until 50 m., so the sea is reach in Posidonie, sponges, "ricciole", groupers, crawfishes, sea breams, tunnies.After Punta Bassana, in Cala Marino, the coast degrades again before arriving at the village.

Discover the Island

Soggiorno in appartamento Junior Suite euro 147 al giorno o in appartamento Suite euro 187 al giorno.
Che Marettimo sia una isola di insolita bellezza va da sé, e non ci insisterò più di tanto.

Immersi nel Blu, nel suo infinito movimento lo YOGA è come un filo conduttore.

I corsi offerti seguono la metodologia della SSI

Marettimo è raggiungibile per mezzo di aliscafi e traghetti dal porto di Trapani: ci preme rilevare che, come tutte l

Marettimo culminates with Monte Falcone (686 m.), an uncontaminated mountain in the middle of the sea.
Thanks to the characteristics of flora and fauna Marettimo is the most interesting island of the archipelago of the Egad
Marettimo's economy is essentially based on professional fishing.