March the 19th, feast of the Patron
The feast of March the 19th is dedicated to Saint Joseph, the patron of the island. It is deeply felt by the islanders, who have kept intact the worship of the Saint. The feast represents the rescue from evil's forces and propitiates fishing abundance and family peace.

Some days before the feast you can visit the houses where the inhabitants prepare and decorate the altars dedicated to the saint, while the evening of the 18th , for the "Adduminaria"(in Italian "Luminaria", "Luminations"), three big bonfires are set up in honour of Jesus, Joseph and Mary.
In the morning of the 19th all the people who have made a vow to Saint Joseph prepare and offer the traditional lunch, full of all sorts of delicious food. Everybody is invited, and really everybody: for who cannot leave their houses, the lunch is taken home!
Dinner too is always very rich. It is offered to three paupers of the island, representing the Holy Family: a lot of bread is distributed as a symbol of the glorification of work and poverty, since Saint Joseph himself was poor and protected the poor.
For the occasion many artists arrive at Marettimo and improvise folk shows in the square and all over the main streets of the village, where the celebrations go on for three days among traditional religious rituals, games, singing and musical shows.

August the 15th, procession of the boats
Every year during the Assumption Day you can admire the procession of the boats parading long by the seaside. The biggest boat, decorated for the feast, transports the statue of the Madonnina del Rotolo, preserved all the year long in a little chapel far from the village. At the end of the procession the priest celebrates a solemn mass.
The celebrations begin in the evening of the 14th at the Scalo di Mezzo, where all the fish that the seamen have been able to catch (more than once they arrived at 700 kilos!) is cooked and offered in honour of the Madonnina to all the present guests in the island, followed by an excellent wine tapped for the occasion.