Marettimo is one of the most representative Italian islands in terms of sea culture, deeply bound to fishing through age-old rhythms and traditions.
Fish is naturally on the basis of Marettimo cooking, made of the typical Sicilian dishes, prepared with simple and genuine recipes.
In the typical "trattorias" you can always taste delicious newly caught fish and delicious local cheese. The main course is macaroni, served with lightly-fried onions, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, black pepper and basil, but also pizza, baked only in firewood ovens.
Some fish dishes are unforgettable, with a light or marked particular taste, among which we po int out the pasta with pilchards, the fish couscous, the spaghetti with sea-urchin eggs, the pasta in a soup with crawfish, and the grouper "alla matalotta", with eel, bay leafs and almonds.