Marettimo culminates with Monte Falcone (686 m.), an uncontaminated mountain in the middle of the sea. The sea waters hide it for the most part: only a bathymetric chart of the Tyrrhenian Sea could show its massive dimensions.
The fascination of this mountain into the sea is due to the feeling of "isolation" it stirs up, in which this word fully recovers its etymological origin.
During winter the isolation can go on for days and days, but in summertime too a bit of wind is sufficient to prevent the hydroplanes sailing and the ferry-boats docking.
If wind makes crossing and swimming impossible,

the conditions for walking are better: the absence of cars, that obliges to go on foot, creates a pleasant sensation of "bewilderment" in the visitors, often overwhelmed by the frantic modern life. The silence wrapping these places is broken only by the sea-gulls cries, the hiss of the wind and the beating of waves breaking against the rocks.